Membership magazine

Issue64 contents

  • Notes from Chairman’s Diary
  • Seat Dedication
  • Digger’s Notes
  • Tuesday Working Party Notes
  • Naturewatch
  • NW Kent Countryside Partnership
  • Information Board installation
  • John E Mason & Cut-A-Way
  • Shorne Mead Crossing Closure
  • Dates of Events

A Letter from the Chairman,
taken from our Cut-A-Way number 64 issued August 2020

It is unfortunate that it has taken this devastating virus to see so many more people discovering and using and obviously enjoying the Canal and surrounds. The large increase in numbers can only be due to lockdown encouraging people to take local exercise and the towpath is ideal for that and it is plainly continuing even though some aspects of life are slowly reverting to pre-Covid.

With lockdown, folks may also have had time to explore Facebook, and our profile has benefited as we now have over 400 subscribers.  All we need now is for those showing interest to be encouraged to become TMCA members.

With the close cooperation and assistance from the Inland Waterways Association, the inclusion of the Canal Basin in the now delayed Local Plan, (due out in the next year for consultation) along with planning decisions at Nuralite and the Albion Peninsula, plus involvement with the Lower Thames Crossing Organisation, our membership and those interested in the future of the canal and its surrounds become increasingly important.

Lastly the committee hopes that members will continue to enjoy the canal and its towpath, and might come and join our Work Party and, of course, will stay safe.

Dave Parnell